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MSS Water Treatment Solutions - Killing it in Completions




We make the dirtiest, most dangerous job around a little safer with spill containment, safety supplies and environmental equipment for drilling operations. We deliver tools and rig supplies to location. Additionally, Mountain Supply and Service is the licensed Katch Kan dealer for the Appalachian Basin.

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We provide completion fluids for coiled tubing, workover and stimulation operations. The chemistry behind our completion fluids speed up hydration and allows them to start working the minute they head down-hole. This helps to reduce circulating pressures, extends life to coil tubing strings, and minimizes fluid usage.

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We are here to meet all your Flowback supply needs. We stock 1502 iron and fittings, plug valves and repair kits, choke manifolds, choke stems, choke beans and all replacement parts. We also stock a full line of tools, pump parts, gear and equipment to outfit your well service crews. Call Mountain Supply and Service today for all your Flowback needs.

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We carry flow control equipment for all stages of production and workover from gauges and valves to pressure relief and pressure controllers. We stock flow line, 1502 iron and fittings, choke manifolds, repair kits and replacement parts. Additionally, Mountain Supply and Service can be "on top" of all your Tank Battery Hook-up needs.

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