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Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to build strategic partnerships with our customers by providing value through exceptional service and product-based solutions."

Our Values

Strategic Partnerships - We purposefully build relationships to establish long-term business partnerships. We engage in this relationship-based business platform in every level of our company.

Providing Value - Value can be defined as a "fair return or equivalent in goods and services for something exchanged."  We will continuously provide this fair and ethical exchange in all areas - products, services and relationships.  We will purpose to add value beyond this "fair exchange".  Although difficult to measure, this will ultimately exist in the long-term business partnerships we build.

Exceptional Service - Our company's reputation has been built on exceptional service. Our customers expect to see their products and services arrive when we say they will be there. We will be people of our word, always looking for the "little things" that can be done to further our reputation of excellent service.

Product-Based Solutions - We are not in the business of just selling "rope, soap and dope" - anyone can do that. We will look for solutions so that the products and services we provide will be an extension of our values above.