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As Mountain Companies’ operations continue to grow and our services continue to expand, both the ownership and managing partners of Mountain Companies understand that a strong commitment to health, safety and environmental (HSE) matters is essential for our company's stability. We have and will continue to promote a culture within our organization that pursues safety, not only as a company but individually.

It is our policy to assure the HSE integrity of our processes and facilities at all times and in all places and will do so by adhering to the following principles:


Our ownership and managing partners are committed to Mountain Companies complying with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Our management team has implemented programs and procedures to insure compliance as well as incorporated compliance with HSE standards as a key component in training and performance reviews and incentives to employees.


Our management team has developed and employed management systems and procedures designed to prevent activities and/or conditions that pose a threat to human health, safety or the environment. We stand behind the belief that safety is learned behavior and are committed to equipping our management with the necessary means to promote employee education. We will strive to minimize risk and protect our employees by employing appropriate technologies and operating procedures, as well as being prepared for emergencies. We will strive to prevent pollution of the atmosphere, land and water. We will make efforts to minimize the amount and toxicity of waste generated.


Our management team has communicated to our employees our company's commitment to HSE. As for our vendors and customers, we do solicit their participation in meeting our HSE goal. We also insure that a verifiable commitment to HSE standards plays a major role in our contractor selection process.

Continuous Improvement

We will continue to seek opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our policies and programs and improve our adherence to these principles. It is our mission that our employees not only adhere to the established policies and procedures that promote a safe and healthy work environment but for our employees to adopt a proactive approach towards safety in their daily lives.