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Water Filtration

Mountain Supply and Service can help you reach higher well production capabilities by using surface filtration systems for removal of solid particles and treatment of completion, stimulation and workover fluids. Innovative recovery and filtration efforts are necessary to prevent cuttings, muds, rust, scale, additives and impurities from decreasing formation permeability and productivity.

Mountain Supply and Service filtration plants are operated and maintained by our team of trained filtration technicians. We will assess the filtration needs of your operation and design a filtration plan that will address the specific conditions of your operation. The end goal is to: 

  • Minimize lost revenue related to on-site contaminated water storage.
  • Maximize cost savings in labor, storage, tank cleaning and transportation.
  • Reduce the risk of permeability and productivity loss.
  • Reduce or eliminate complications arising from recirculating fluids contaminated with solids.

Utilizing one of our vertical four-pod or horizontal single-pod filtration plants will remove solid contaminants larger than 12, 25 or 199 microns. Our units use propylene double stitched socks to filter up to 95% of solids at rates from 16 to 62 barrels per minute at flow rates up to 5000 gallons per minute.