Katch Kan

Mountain Supply and Service is the proud representative for Katch Kan USA in the Marcellus Shale Region. The Katch Kan Zero Spill Containment Solution with Adjustable Containment Enclosure (ACE) and its ability to contain and recycle oil-based invert on horizontal wells will easily pay for itself and more in lost mud and cleanup expenses by: 

  • Eliminating at least 50% of rig cleanup after the well is complete.
  • Reducing the impact on the immediate environment.
  • Greatly reducing the cost of soil reclamation once the rig has been removed.

Our trained crews are required to complete and comply with all contractor requirements for safety training, incident prevention and response. With safety as our main focus, our employees receive ongoing training on a wide spectrum of HSE, MER and operational safety management. All contract requirements including operator requested training will be completed to maintain continuous compliance and safe operations. JSA and hazard identification are performed prior to any service.

Click on the Zero Spill Solution or Rig Safety System to view a diagram of each.