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Cutting Chemical Costs on Coil Tubing Plug Drillouts

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There's an ever growing group of those saving thousands of dollars using Mountain Supply and Service Completion Chemicals on their coil tubing plug drillouts. The superior chemistry in our completion chemicals makes these cost savings possible.

Our Friction Reducer helps maintain lower circulating pressures and thus extending the life of the coil string. With rapid polymer hydration our FR goes to work for you immediately. In turn, less chemical is used and efficiency is increased. Bottom line - you save money.

Our Gels, designed for sweeps, provide rapid hydration and superior suspension characteristics in various types of water. Our customers are seeing reduced amount of chemical used and greater returns from their "sweeps". The result is a cleaner wellbore that can help increase production. Bottom line - you save money.

If you are looking to save money on your completion chemicals spend Mountain Supply and Service can help. Committed to service beyond the sale we'll help ensure you are using the right chemical at the proper dosage. Give us a shout - we can help you save money too!